Folders are always attractive business gifts, and if they are decorated with your logo, they will ensure permanent promotion of your company or activity.

We will be happy to take over the service of printing on calendars either by dry printing, which gives a nice deep (embossed) print, and folio printing (gold or silver) is also possible. If you prefer color, we will print the calendars with screen printing or UV printing.

Folders can be completely personalized by making a cover in offset printing.

The book block can be made on white or chamois (yellowish) paper, and in addition to the personalization of the cover, the entire book block can be made according to the customer's measurements.



Organizers and planners are supposedly losing battles under the threat of modern gadgets, but the reality is different, in fact, there are more and more choices, creating a false image of less consumption. Have you ever recently had a meeting where someone entered important information into a cell phone and created a record of it? We all use them, so add your logo to a standard planner or schedule and make a promotion.